Roads & Culverts


Request Inspection of Drive or Ditch Work

If you planning to do work within the road right-of-way (typically 30' from center-line of roadway) use the following form to request an inspection or assistance from the Township.

Different Jurisdictions

South Bloomfield Township shares maintenance of roadways with the State of Ohio's Department of Transportation (ODOT) and the Morrow County Engineer.

If you are interested in finding out more about your roadway improvement, you first need to identify who is responsible for maintaining it.

Current Township Projects

The spring and summer seasons will be busy in the Township with contracted services including road maintenance and improvements, culvert repairs and replacement, as well as tree trimming.  

Road maintenance and improvements will include patching and chip/seal projects on various road, when the weather permits.  Stone is also being applied to the gravel roads as needed.

The Trustees are currently working on culvert repair and replacements on various roads.  New culverts were recently installed on Twp. Rds. 16 and 21.

This year, tree trimming has been completed on Twp. Rd. 21 and 205, with the possibility of other roads.

The Trustees know that some of these projects might add a minor inconvenience to your day but hope that the finished work will make your commute safer and more satisfactory.  

Current Morrow County Projects

A listing of current road closings and detours are on the Morrow County Engineer's Website.